To subscribe to e-languagecenter, you can choose between two subscription packages:

  • 40 € for a subscription of 6 months
  • 60 € for a subscription of 12 months

Payment is made by bank deposit, credit / debit card or PayPal. Your payment receipt will be sent immediately.

The respective subscription includes the promotion of your profile in order to find an interested student.

You can update your profile, whenever you want, with your CV, prices, photo and choose how to deliver courses online or live. Your official documents will only be visible to administrators. You fill in the “information” field and it is visible to everyone.

For the teachers, your personal data (phone, email) will not be displayed to the users and your communication with the interested students will be done through the contact form of the site.

The profiles of the foreign language centers list all the contact details, so that the student can get in touch with them immediately.

Finally, through the subscriptions, in addition to finding students, you are offered the opportunity to participate in online & live meetings with the members of the e-language center, the attendance of webinars and the constant information about the developments.  The use of a platform for online courses is planned in the near future.

A prerequisite for registration on the site is the degree of your subject, the teaching license, the proficiency or other certificate document for your relationship with the subject.

The communication with the teachers is done through the communication form in their profile. Teachers are then informed directly by the e-language center about a student’s interest via email and phone call.

If after their communication there is no cooperation, the e-language center suggests another available teacher. The personal contact details of the teacher (phone, email) are not shown for security reasons.

The profiles of the foreign language centers list all the contact details, so that the student can contact them immediately.

You can express your complaints through all the ways of communication with the site management. We will be happy for your review… It helps us to improve!

There is a corresponding option in your account for immediate deletion.

ATTENTION: The delete option is irreversible and deletes all your account information.

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